Runner’s block is a common problem

What is runner’s block? It comes in many forms; not wanting to run because you feel tired or too busy, feeling like your body feels wrong, or thinking that your pace is off. It might even be something physical like a sore knee or an injury. Whatever the feeling, runners block is all-encompassing and can lead to quitting running altogether.

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It’s a common problem. You wake up and drag yourself out of bed, you trudge into the office, and you know you should go to the gym, or go for a run. But you don’t. You sit there, flipping from channel to channel, feeling zapped and wondering why you even bother. You’ve already fallen behind on your running routine. Why can’t you just get things done? You’ve set your goals, planned your strategy, and taken action. You’re laser-focused on accomplishing your goals. You are driven, and enthusiastic about your goals. You even can’t wait until your goals are met.

But… You don’t have the motivation.

Motivation is key to making things happen. Without motivation, it’s difficult to accomplish anything. Motivation is important because it helps you reach your goals and achieve everything you want. Without motivation, you lack energy, enthusiasm, and drive. Without motivation, you can’t accomplish much.

Motivation is the most important aspect of achieving success. But it can also be the hardest to consistently generate. Lack of motivation is a serious issue.
It’s normal to lack motivation from time to time, but for many of us, a lack of motivation is a chronic problem. A lot of determination, willpower, and motivation is needed if you want to get into shape again. And once you get into the routine, you need to stick with it. That’s why it’s crucial to get into a good exercise routine.

Here are four ways to keep you motivated and keep you exercising:

1. Create a routine.
Most successful people spend between 30 and 60 minutes a day exercising. A fit body takes time, so it’s necessary to get into a good routine, so you can do it consistently. You might start by going to the gym three days a week, then gradually increase to four.
2. Reward yourself.
Your workouts might be just 30 or 60 minutes, but there are plenty of things you can do to reward yourself for exercising.
For example, you might treat yourself to a massage after exercising.
3. Set goals.
Setting goals is necessary — especially in the beginning. But as you get used to exercising, you can set goals like running a mile in 30 minutes instead of 45 minutes.
4. Get a friend
Having a partner will help you get motivated to exercise since you can support each other. Finding an exercise pal can also help you stick to your exercise plan since you have a built-in accountability partner.

Photo by Kristian Egelund on Unsplash

To make the most out of your exercise routine, you need to keep a few things in mind. First of all, you need to understand that exercise is not just about burning calories. To get the most from your workout, it is also helpful to incorporate intervals into your routine. Interval training involves alternating between periods of intense activity, followed by periods of lower-intensity activities. It gets your heart rate pumping hard and fast, then allows it to recover. It keeps your muscles warm and gives you more energy. It also burns more calories than a steady-paced, continuous workout.

Running a marathon is a truly incredible accomplishment, and not only is it physically challenging, but mentally as well. The training and preparation that goes into running a marathon are far from easy, so when you finally reach the finish line, you should be beaming with pride. The rewards that runners get from running go far beyond the medals and trophies. They learn to appreciate running as more than just a sport, but a way of life.

Runners tend to have a more positive outlook on life. They understand the value of exercise, and they see running as more than just a sport. A marathon is an event of superhuman endurance. To run the distance, you have to train for hundreds of hours, often under adverse conditions. Psychologists think that a marathon is a symbol of a quest for self-mastery. When you run a marathon, you exercise discipline and mental strength, things that are useful in any real-life challenge. The more motivated you are, the more visualization that goes into your brain about being successful, the better chance you’ll have of success.

Remember, you don’t need motivation to exercise, you need determination!




A journalist with a strong focus on feel-good local stories in and around the San Jose area. Animal Lover, Physical Therapist, and Local Business Supporter.

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Tania Erasmus

Tania Erasmus

A journalist with a strong focus on feel-good local stories in and around the San Jose area. Animal Lover, Physical Therapist, and Local Business Supporter.

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